A Site to honor Contributors to the SVTA and the streaming video industry

We are very excited to honor these technical and industry fellows. The Streaming Video Alliance recognizes their contributions to both the industry at large and the Alliance's mission and objectives. We look forward to announcing future recipients in the coming months and years. This microsite stands as a way to honor these individuals and their achievements in perpetuity.

--- Jason Thibeault, Executive Director, Streaming Video Technology Alliance

Who Are The SVTA Fellows?

The Streaming Video Technology Alliance Fellows represent individuals who have made significant technical contributions to streaming video and/or the Streaming Video Technology Alliance.

Industry Fellows

These fellows are people who have made a significant, lasting impact on the streaming video industry. They may or may not be employees of an Alliance member company.

Technical Fellows

These fellows are Alliance members who have made a significant contribution to Alliance activities and objectives such as leading working groups, writing documents, and evangelizing the organization.

Selecting Fellows

Fellows are nominated by Alliance members and reviewed by the Fellows Nomination Committee, a sub-committee of the board. This committee then recommends fellows to the board. There are no limits to fellow awards but they are only awarded once per year.

Fellow Spotlight

Meet one of our fellows, randomly chosen from amongst the recipients.

Roger Pantos

I’m absolutely honored to be chosen by the Alliance as its inaugural Industry Fellow.

Roger joined Apple in 1995. Since 2005 he has been focused on improving the end-user experience of audio and video streaming across a wide range of applications.