Sanjay Mishra

Technical Fellow: Sanjay Mishra

The Streaming Video Alliance brings together some of the best minds in the industry, and I deeply appreciate being chosen as an Alliance Technical Fellow.

About Sanjay

Accomplished Telecommunications professional with extensive experience in launching new and strategic products and services. Laser sharp Focus on technology innovation in areas of web-based media and cloud-based platforms. Skilled at service and product definition, system and network architecture, market and technology assessment and business process engineering, Holder of US Patent for innovative design of enabling a mechanism for online ordering content such as video-on-demand. The mechanism allows ordering via a set-top-box on a TV or Internet-based online ordering. Content can be rendered on a TV or any device connected to the Internet. The mechanism also simultaneously initiates provisioning and billing of the asset on the underlying Network and Operations & Billing Support Systems (OSS/BSS) granting either perpetual ownership license and/or setting time-limit for rentals based on type of purchase. [US Patent: 9446261]

Streaming Video Alliance Accomplishments

Co-Chair of VR Study Group, contributor to the Open Caching and Networking and Transport WGs. Sanjay also has been instrumental in aligning the IETF CDNI group with Open Caching to ensure interoperability. He serves as a co-chair of the CDNI working group.

Document/Project Contributions

  • Open Caching Performance Measurement Spec (lead)
  • Recommendations for Mitigating Latency in Streaming VR Video Delivery Workflow (lead)
  • Comments on HLS Steering Proposal (contributor)
  • Open Cache Logging Requirements Spec (contributor)
  • Open Cache Request Routing Functional Spec (contributor)
  • Open Cache Solution Functional Requirements Doc (contributor)
  • Configuration Integration API (contributor)
  • XR Document (contributor)
  • Home Storage Open Caching Node (contributor)
  • Industry Glossary (contributor)
  • QUIC PoC (contributor)

Other Alliance Activities

Sanjay has also been involved in the following Alliance webinars:
  • Preparing for 5G Video Streaming
  • The Current State of the Virtual Streaming Experience: VR, AR, XR
  • The State of Open Caching: Specifications, Coding, and Implementation
  • Video Caching Best Practices
  • The State of Open Caching: Specifications, Coding, and Implementation (happening next week 7/27)