Glenn Goldstein

Technical Fellow: Glenn Goldstein

It’s a real honor to be selected by the Alliance as a Technical Fellow and I look forward to continued collaboration with some of the smartest visionaries in the streaming technology arena. My experience with the SVTA as both a content provider member (Viacom/Paramount) and CDN member (Lumen) has given me perspective on the importance of these industry organizations to tease out forward-thinking ideas and drive standards – all while having some fun with great people!

About Glenn

Accomplished engineering and product executive in the digital media industry, working in major media organizations and technology-focused startups in senior leadership and product consulting roles. I take particular pride in my record of managing and mentoring dozens of technologists who’ve gone on to highly successful careers and become industry leaders in software engineering, product management, and operations. Prior to joining Lumen Technologies as a product strategy consultant, I was a senior leader in Viacom’s global technology organization managing multiple teams working on innovations in OTT video streaming, content management, media operations, augmented reality, and machine learning. I’m comfortable partnering with executives and stakeholders across many disciplines, presenting complex technical information and driving transformation initiatives. I’ve been passionate about video and imaging technologies throughout my career, working on pioneering implementations of digital newsroom photography, digital cameras, and HD video streaming with marquee organizations such as Kodak, Associated Press, MTV, and Nickelodeon.

Streaming Video Alliance Accomplishments

Glenn has made numerous contributions to the SVTA:
  • Configuration Interface API documents
  • SVTA board president
  • Content Committee chair