Christopher Kulbakas

Technical Fellow: Christopher Kulbakas

I am deeply honoured to be recognized by the SVTA as a Technical Fellow. The SVTA presents a truly unique opportunity to pursue your technical interests in streaming video while interacting with a global network of streaming video experts. You will meet new people, have fun and learn a ton while having the opportunity to bring new ideas to life with the backing of the biggest video streaming companies on the planet!

About Christopher

Christopher has been on the hunt for audio silence, video macroblocking, freezing, stuttering, slow playout startup and buffering for the last 12 years and counting. During this time, Christopher has held Engineering, Technology and Product roles across organizations spanning the media streaming workflow, including: production, processing, distribution, playout and analytics. In his current role, as an Engineering Lead at CBC/Radio-Canada, Christopher is helping to build the next-generation of media streaming and monitoring systems for Live and VOD workflows for TV and Radio. Christopher is also active in the industry, including co-chairing the SVTA Industry References Committee as well as participating in the SVTA Measurement/QoE WG and the CTA-WAVE Streaming Media Tracing WG.

Streaming Video Alliance Accomplishments

Chris has been involved in numerous projects across multiple SVTA working groups. He has been leading the charge within the Measurement/QoE Working Group on the Visual Quality Tags (VQT) project. A complete list of his participation and contributions can be found on his SVTA profile page.