Brian Stevenson

Technical Fellow: Brian Stevenson

The Alliance is not just an opportunity to bring people together to further industry innovations, but also to connect to something bigger than one’s own work. I’m proud to be recognized alongside these impressive industry leaders and contributors.

About Brian

Brian Stevenson makes stuff up for a living. He is a passionate innovator, prolific patent filer, serial technology entrepreneur and an alumna of 5 successful start-ups that have helped shaped today’s entertainment experience while bringing joy and excitement into the lives of millions of people. A huge proponent of IP based content processing and delivery, Brian has built many ground-breaking IP products and solutions for Operators, Studios and Content Owners, all while fostering the shift to “Cloud Native” and SaaS infrastructures and business models. Brian is a regular contributor to SMPTE, SCTE, and a frequent speaker at industry events on topics as diverse as Edge Computing, VR/AR & Haptics, and AI & Inference.

Streaming Video Alliance Accomplishments

Brian has been an elected member of the Streaming Video Alliance Board of Directors for EDGE GRAVITY by Ericsson. He has also served on the board on behalf of Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia, and Ericsson.